Delivery Information


  • The type of sign and weight will determine which delivery service we choose to deliver your order. We will use the sevice most appropriate to ensure your order is delivered in the best way possible.


  • Please ensure you check all packages for damage before signing. Although damage is very rare, we have no comeback with the carrier if you've signed to say that the package was received in good condition.


  • Our usual turnaround is within 5 working days. However, very occasionally, the manufacture of your signs may take longer. This can be for various reasons such as material shortages, import delay or higher than anticipated demand. We will of course, make every effort to keep you informed.


  • If you are in a rush for your signs ( who hasn't left something to the last minute!), then please do give us a call on 01225 832050. We are a small friendly company and there is usually someway we can accommodate your requirements