If you do not have a artwork program you can either use our online design tool or you can email us your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote.

Large files.
Please upload large files via our upload facility or you can send them by post on a disc to, 584a Wellsway, Bath, BA2 2UE.

Uploaded files
We will check all files that are sent to us to see if they are good enough to print from.  When images are enlarged they can become pixilated if the quality of the original image isn’t very good.  Generally images taken off of websites are of low resolution and quality, if you are unsure send us the image and we will check it out for you.

Files supplied will ideally be sent at 25% of finished size, ie. a 2000mm x 600mm banner should be produced as a 500mmx150mm document. The files output resolution should be 300dpi, and presented in CMYK colour mode. No crops or bleeds are required.  Larger signs can be at 10% size.

Supported Artwork Formats:

files should be saved, where possible with the minimum compression ratio applied, thus ensuring a larger file size ,but retaining maximum quality of the artwork.

PDF and EPS files should be supplied with all images in place, in CMYK colour mode, at a resolution of no less that 300dpi. All fonts should be converted to curves/ embedded in the file, ensuring no external font data is required when opening the file.

PSD files should be supplied at 300dpi, 25% of finish size with any text layers rasterized, ensuring no external font data is required to open the file.

CDR files. Please convert all text to curves.


files.  When saving Adobe illustrator files please save them as Adobe illustrator 1.1 files.  This ensures that the file is compatible with our cutting program if your file is for a cut vinyl sign.